A Historian in Kootenay Park

Ever wondered what there is for a historian to possibly get excited about in Kootenay National Park?

Turns out, there’s actually quite a lot.  Behind the newly built fence and the never ending trees, Kootenay Park has some rather interesting stories to tell.  Just ask my family when they drive through the park with me.

I’ve wanted to tell these stories to the public for awhile now, and I finally found a way in my Digital History class this semester.  Using a web application for ArcGIS I was able to create a digital “Journey” through the park that shows the changing features of the park over time.  Explore the many homesteads in the park, the mining claims that were staked, and even the location of the elusive pictographs in Sinclair gorge (now destroyed).  With the help of photos from the Windermere Valley Museum, it’s possible to take a look at Kootenay Park through time.

Check out A Journey Through Kootenay National Park and while you’re at it, check out my podcast on Kootenay Park for more information on changing park policies. Please feel free to add comments, questions, etc.; I’m always open to new directions for this project to take.



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